November Newsletter

By Leigh Brown

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  1. Inappropriate Comments. Clubs are reminded that any publically accessible comments which criticise or are derogatory of any club, team, umpire or individual are not acceptable and indeed would be contrary to EHB codes. In any reported case the committee can take action under rule 5.2 in that is able to “impose a financial penalty, deduct League points, relegate any team or expel any Club that, in its opinion, fails to meet the standards demanded for NEHL hockey”.
  2. Online Match Report – Additional Information / Notes Box. This is not to be used to make comments as described in 1) above but is for pertinent and polite statements regarding the game or the match venue. Any other concerns should be communicated to the League Hon. Sec. via email by your nominated club contact.
  3. Umpire Grants. In order to promote the development of umpires in the area the League will continue to offer each club a grant of £50 to cover the attainment of a Level 1 Umpire qualification [i.e. trained and assessed] for one individual per club per season. If your club wishes to make a claim then the individual’s details should be emailed to me along with their date of assessment.
  4. Umpires Coaching Teams whilst Officiating. The League committee has received a complaint regarding this practice and clubs are reminded that such practices are not permitted. Please ensure that club umpires are aware of this. However there is no objection to this taking place within the JDL.
  5. JDL Team Selection. Following a complaint regarding the selection of an overage player, clubs are reminded that, rather than do this, they can borrow players from opposition teams on the day, or from another non-JDL club. The rules do allow for some flexibility on age but this must be agreed between the teams involved at least 72 hours before a match.

If there are any queries regarding this newsletter, or any other matters clubs require information or clarification on, please let the league secretary know.
Please ensure that your members have access to this letter.

Where next?

Fixture Re-Organisation Earlier this week I was informed that Norton were dropping their Premier league team leaving only their side in CDLS.

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