Fixture Re-Organisation

By Leigh Brown

Earlier this week I was informed that Norton were dropping their Premier league team leaving only their side in CDLS.

In discussion with the League Chairman it was decided that I should try to reorganise as best as possible so as to retain the original number of teams in all divisions.

After numerous phone calls and emails the following has been arranged:

Jesmond PC 1 will move up to the PL taking over Norton 1 fixtures. This is on the basis of them being next in line for promotion.

North Shields 2 will move up to IL1 and take over Jesmond PC 1 fixtures. Again this is on the basis of them being next in line for promotion.

Stockton 4 will move back to IL2 and take over North Shields 2 fixtures. To make everything work it was necessary to move a team up from CDLS. The team next in line for promotion declined however Stockton 4 who had originally opted for relegation from IL2 despite finishing mid table, agreed to return.

A new team - Marton Furness 6 - will take over Stockton 4 fixtures in CDLS. This was the only club that had asked for consideration of potentially replacing Norton 2 who were considering withdrawal.

Unfortunately this was not resolved in time for any of the rearrangements to apply tomorrow which means I will be assigning new dates for the games concerned.

I have an updated fixture list for your information

It is appreciated that there may be some objection to the way this was done but it was considered the best solution in the time available.

Please note that there will be some reorganisation of the JDL League[s] but I’m awaiting feedback from 1 of the clubs concerned and will then email details to Club Reps and Fixture Secretaries.

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